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Molding Hang Gliders into Wings

Seedwings has been developing and manufacturing the Sensor series hang gliders since 1975. Many of the most pivotal hang gliding inventions have been introduced by Seedwings and first put into production in new Sensor models throughout the late 70s, 80's and 90's.

It has never been Seedwings' intention to cover the market with mass produced gear. Instead, Sensor's have been precisely manufactured in small batches by Bob and his team. Today, at this time, Bob produces and test flies an all new breed of king posted Sensor's. The results are, unsurpassed highly evolved, high performance hang gliders creating a product that is durable, long lasting and flies incredibly well.


Current Hang Glider Production activity

During the past two years Seedwings has refocussed on its well received high performance kingposted gliders. Currrently in production is the the high aspect ratio, high performance Sensor 610 F5. In early 2009 the new Sensor 710 will also go into production and offer a slightly lower aspect ratio alternative with outstanding handling and performance that comes mighty close to the 610 F5.


 Sensor 610 F5

  • Top performance unmatched in the kingposted class
  • Very high aspect ratio

Sensor 710

  • Currently in flight testing
  • Slightly less wing span for improved handling
  • Peformance projected to almost match that of the Sensor 610 F5 through a slightly lighter empty weight