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Unfortunately, Seedwings has been perceived by some as being slow to deliver ordered products. Yes, during the introduction of the topless Sensor, we did not fully forsee the huge amount of additional research and development, a topless hang glider requires over a kingposted one. Some of our early customers waited several months for their ordered topless Sensor. It generated frustration and tainted Seedwings' impecable reputation.

For that reason, we would like to ensure all our customers the following:

  1. We are back on track and there are no longer waiting times.
  2. Services and parts have never been affected and all orders are processed promptly - we know you want to be back in the air!


To underline our performance, we'll had the mike to our customers:

"I have had all my hang glider sails repaired by Bob Trampeau over the last fifteen years with great results.  I have recently had the tips completely resewned and reinforced where the tensioners have torn thru.  Additional repair included blown batten pockets remade, wear holes patched, and replaced zippers.  Still in use today, this 8 year old Laminar MRX sail is holding up well, thanks to professional repair by Seedwings.  And turnaround time has always been excellent, an early-in-the-week shop-arrival, meant I was flying the coming weekend, every time." -- Robert Anderson

"A couple of years ago I purchased a 610-F4 144 that a pilot had landed in a tree. The sail was seriously damaged with several major tear areas and multiple holes tears/punctures. Some of these torn areas were quite large and penetrated several layers of material. The rest of the sail was in fine shape though so after talking with Bob about the repair zones we decided the sail could be restored and have a new life. The end result was quite impressive and the repair zones were essentially invisible. The cost was very reasonable and the turn-around time was quick. Sensor's are the highest quality and most durable hang glider sails and Bob’s repairs have this exact same integrity."  -- James Gibson

"I recently damaged my Atos VR.  There were 2 large holes in the sail.  Knowing of Bob's reputation as a master hanggliding craftsman I had the holes repaired.  I received the sail back within the prescribed time frame of 1 week. The repair workmanship was impeccable and the cost more than reasonable.  I have enjoyed a number of flights since his repairs.  I would  recommend Bob to anyone who wanted quality workmanship applied to their equipment." -- Tony Deleo