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The new Sensor 710 flies!!

September 11, 2008

Yes, we do remember 9/11 and will keep this day in our thoughts forever. But this year, it was also a big and exciting day for Seedwings: The latest Sensor model, the Sensor 710, takes to the skies for the first time. The slightly shortened span and lighter weight, in combination with the new Eppler code derived blended wing profile seemed to have turned this into the Sensor with the sweetest handling ever recorded. Our preliminary flight tests also show an outstanding performance...surely coming very close or possibly even matching that of the higher aspect ratio Sensor 610. Here is where the 710's reduced empty weight plays out.

This is the bug fart milk machine we have dreamed! Plus this quicker turning, lighter and smaller wing  makes landings so easy - only a single surface glider can rival that now - thanks to the flaps that are more effective then ever on this ship.

We are having fun now!

Here are some pictures of the new 710 on the first day at the hill with Bob:

Adjusting the CG at the trainings hill.


In concentration before the launch to the maiden flight. 


A few seconds after launch. You can see the flaps in action as Bob launched with relaxed VG and engaged flaps. 


A few moments later, Bob is now prone and you can still see the flaps on the upper surface sail.

Two shots from Bob test flying the new Sensor 710 in the air. 


Coming in for landing...

...and a nice flare, easy stuff on a glider that flies as slow as the 710 with its flaps!

Specifications: Sensor 710 (performance sport king post class)

Size 145 152
Span [ft, m]
33.2 ft, 10.12 m34.2 ft, 10.43 m
Area [sq.ft, sq.m]
145, 13.47
152, 14.12
Aspect Ratio
Glider Empty Weight. [lbs-kg]64 - 29 66 - 30
Hook-in Weight [lbs, kg]155~210 lb, 70~95 kg170~225 lb, 77~102 kg
Packed Length [ft, m]16.5 ft, 5 m17 ft, 5.2 m
Double Surface Percentage [%]9393
Top Surface main ribs, per side1010
Lower Surface Battens, per side4
Fabric shear rib profiles 16 total16 total
Nose angle 132*, 1/4 cord sweep 22*
Glide ratio depending on harness drag between 13.5 and 14.5 to 1
Minimum sink depending on wing loading between 140 and 160 ft./min.
Speed range 19 –65 mph VNE, 56 mph VA


Pricing and Ordering

Production on our latest wing continues in 2009. The 710 price is the same as for the Sensor 610 F5, $6,985.00 + VAT (if purchased by an Californian pilot).

Click here to see more images of the Sensor 710 -145.

 Photo Credits: Fred Bickford first five, others Hannah Trampenau