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Carbon Fiber Repairs

Carbon Fiber Repairs

With more and more components of modern hang gliders manufactured from carbon fiber, Seedwings has been offering its expertise in the use of this outstanding material to repair carbon fiber parts on various hang gliders models. Give us a call if you need advice, or hands-on help repairing carbon fiber parts on your glider.

The following images show how we repaired a damaged D-cell of a rigid wing in June 2008. The work was completed in 10 hours and resulted in a structurally sound, flawlessly shaped profile in place of the hole. It is such a joy to feel over the repaired area and register nothing that would remind of the shock and despair that we all know from discovering such a damage after an accident.

To give you an idea of the costs involved, the total cost for the repair of this D-cell has been 8 hours at $60.00/hr = $480 (excluding VAT). We usually suggest to the customer to do as much preparation work as they feel comfortable with themselves, to save costs (if so wished). In this case, the customer spent two hours sanding the damaged area. The first photo shows the result of this effort (and he did a fine job at it too).

After the completed carbon fiber repair, the customer decided to apply the white gel coat himself matching the original surface. Not all carbon fiber parts are gel coated, i.e. rigid wing ribs. Either way, we can deliver back to you ready to fly composite components for your glider.

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Image 1: Hole the size of a tennis ball sanded, beveled and scarfed back to solid material.


Image 2: Carbon base layer copy molded adjacent to LE damage area.


Image 3: First layer bonded in place.


Image 4: Second layer laminated with pressure making an air-tight base for subsequent vacuum bagging.


Image 5: Layers 3 and 4 being vacuum bagged after minimum sanding and surface preparation.


Image 6: Layers 5 and 6 being vacuum bagged after precision sanding and surface preparation of previous cure cycle.


Image 7: Finished carbon surface before gel coat is applied. Using a steel rule and a flap plate the repair measures no taller than the surrounding airfoil contour. With the white gel coat applied you'll have a tough time even locating the repair.