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Sensor Parts and Repair

Parts and Repair for the 610 Model.

The number one most important replacement part for a Sensor or any hang glider is its rigging. As a matter of insurance, rigging should be replaced periodically depending on the severity of the environment the wire is in. If you fly a lot and you live near an Ocean you should replace the wires most exposed, showing most damage or looking most used, most often, annually.

Lower side wires, front and rear control bar wires, top side wires and top for and aft wires, are ranked in order of priority. The king post compensator internal wire and Spectra chord should be replaced every five years approximately, depending on use.

Aside from rusty or bent bolts, tubes and other components can be replaced by calling or e-mailing Seedwings with the model, size and serial number. With the right information we can supply the correct part.

Sail repair quality is wrinkle free with a high degree of fit comparable to when the sail was brand new. We reverse manufacture on the panel or area, repair the damage and sew it back together.

Since composites continue to creep into flex wing manufacturing, Seedwings is becoming equipped to deal with more composite parts than we did just several years ago. Repairing carbon rigid wing D- tubes is within our capabilities. Manufacturing our own carbon cross bars are our next challenge. For custom and small volume runs, it's more economical to do it ourselves at this point and the composite work turns out just about like our sails.

Call or e-mail for questions and quotes.