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Engineering and Prototype Development

Engineering, Design and Prototype Development in the field of light weight aerodynamic structures

The process developing a product can be applied to many different technologies and products. Vital aspects start with research and initial concept design. The process and design begins with a famous quote "as simple as possible but no simpler" depending upon the materials and desired solution. Some articles can be produced one-off or use moldless technology, patterns, jigs and molds. Structural members are engineered. Ingenuity, discovery and innovative thinking are an integral part along with experience, quality and documentation to ensure valid results.

Common materials that Seedwings works with are: aircraft aluminum tubing, aircraft cable and hardware, Dacron sail cloth, plastic film and various types of aircraft covering. Other materials of use are aircraft woods, composites, various core materials, fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon, epoxy laminating resins and structural adhesives.

Bob Trampenau has a keen sense of aerodynamic and structural design. Two years of his degree is in mechanical engineering. Starting in the 90s, Seedlings has been utilizing Panda, Profoil, AutoCAD, Profili 2, Solidworks and Rhino. Basic CFD and finite element analysis can also be used. Seedwings designs flying wings, sailplanes, hang gliders and more recently involvement with the design and development of stratospheric, lighter than air platforms and vehicles.

Designing new hang gliders or other types of gliders for commission is available.The cost is not inexpensive but you do get a product that works. The cost is comparable to a half a dozen brand new gliders of the same type.

If you have questions or interests please don't hesitate to contact Seedwings.


 Consulting and Commissioned Aeronautic Projects

In the past few years Seedwings has endeavored to help fulfill others project needs.

Beginning with the Sanwire 1 in 2005, the project goals were to develop a lighter than air vehicle as a geostationary stratospheric platform for telecommunications.

Seedwings was contracted to cover the 188 foot long rigid prototype airship and to design and construct a tail fin assembly. This led to a number months researching configurations, methods and materials for helium lifting gas containment systems.

Also in 2005, Seedwings was contracted to help in the general arrangement design of a 2- axis remote control camera and construct the composite housing. The housing made of fiberglass and carbon fiber was built using moldless methods and was to be used as the male plug for female production molds.

In 2006, Seedwings was contracted again by Sanswire to assist in the completion and covering of the composite tail fin assembly of the Sanswire 2A and to help design and develop the ultra light gondola payload and motor mount assembly.

Seedwings is open to research, development and prototype manufacturing of ultra light and micro light aircraft structures for piloted as well as remotely piloted vehicles. Our greatest experience is with heavier than air vehicles, but lighter than air vehicles for medium altitude and the stratosphere are an exciting and challenging endeavor. The materials of choice are: composites, tubes, wires, films and fabrics, all perfectly suited from low velocity environments.

Seedwings can break through traditional barriers in concept and construction. Contact Bob Trampenau for more information assisting on one of your projects or ours.


  • Sanswire One- covered 188’ prototype and designed and built tail assembly with the help of RCDave Freund, Bill Dodson and many others. Research and design for HAP’s.
  • Composite camera housing- contributed to design and manufactured housing.
  • Sanswire 2A- designed and built with Dr. Michael Matarrese and others, Gondola payload propulsion package; finished composite tail surfaces along with others.