Welcome to Seedwings, Inc.!
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Seedwings is one of the pioneering producers for free flight technology in the United States. Seedwings started in 1975 by inventor Bob Trampenau and has introduced many of the most influential innovations in the past 34 years of hang gliding production.

Current limited production of the new Sensor 710 in two sizes and the Sensor 610 F5 in three sizes comprises most of Seedwings' work. Other products are replacement rigging, airframe tubes (spars) and streamlined downtubes for all hang gliders and composite repair and products. Sail repair is also available. Please inquire.

Besides its prominent role in hang gliding, Seedwings also provides consulting services for cutting-edge design and construction in other aviation and aerospace markets (read more about this here).

A Brief Overview over Seedwings' Free Flight History


The new Sensor 710 and the 610 F5 king posted models achieve the highest degree of performance in the most practical and lightest way. Sensors' are the only gliders on the market with flaps integral with the VG operation. The Sensor 710 and 610 F5 utilizes features dating back over 30 years of original research and design. The aerodynamic and robust sail with durable components insure long lasting performance. The flight envelope and performance is probably the highest compared to all gliders in or near it's class.
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 Seedwings is continuing the design concept of the new Rigid wing . It is a footlaunchable and all launchable wing targeting very high glide ratio and an ultra-low rate of sink.
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 The Sensor, a Rogallo type flex wing became the evolutionary leap the sport of early hang gliding needed. The first Sensor model was designed and constructed in 1975 and first flown in 1976. It was the beginning of one of the most successful lines of hang glider development in the United States - and is one of the very few that is still in production today.
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 The Sunseed is Trampenau's first hang glider design in 1974, inspired by an idea passed on to him from a dear old family friend Richard Miller and that is of a diffuser tip flying wing. The Sunseed was sold as building plans by Seedwings and successfully flown by Bob and customers. As a foldable rigid wing, it was still considerably more complex and fragile then a Rogallo type flex wing even though it's performance was est. at 14 to 1. Trampenau felt the challenge to design flex wings that would safely outperform what was available at that time. The concept of the Sensor hang glider was born.
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 The Petrel is Bob Trampenau's first ultralight footlaunch design starting in 1972, using composite materials and aiming for sailplane performance. Inspired by the simplicity of early hang gliders, Bob decided to shift his focus to a smaller, foldable and easier to lauch and build rigid wing, the Sunseed. The Petrel lived on as a dream and in drawings - to today, when it is still planned to build a modernized design using newer light-weight materials (read more about the new Petrel below).
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